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My book is responsible for 80% of new patients... and the best thing is, it’s a low cost per new patient. -Dr. S., Maryland

"This is a phenomenal tool to help you get to where you want to be." - Dr. N., Missouri

"For every book I give to my patients I typically see 2-3 new patient referrals from that." - Dr. N., Missouri

"Having my own book has been a boom for my practice." - Dr. M., Florida

"Becoming a published author has reinvigorated my practice and specifically me." - Dr. S., Florida

"(My book) establishes me as a leader and authority figure in my scope of practice." - Dr. C., Texas

"My book made a huge change in my practice: I get a 10:1 return on this investment." - Dr. N., Maryland

"I’ve experienced a 25% increase in new patients." - Dr. F., Louisiana

"Last week I had 14 referrals from my book alone." - Dr. S., Maryland