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Our Mission

To provide chiropractors like you with simplest and most cost effective chiropractic marketing products and methods designed to greatly increase your new patient volume and income! With our assistance, you will easily become a published author of your own chiropractic book and ready start implementing our 28 most powerful ways to generate massive amounts of new chiropractic patients. With the Totally Booked Practice program, you will attract all the chiropractic new patients you desire and become the “go to” chiropractic authority in your community. Unlike the majority of other chiropractic new patient marketing approaches available, the Totally Booked Practice program aligns with the chiropractic paradigm of an “inside out” approach to chiropractic new patient marketing and practice building. As chiropractors ourselves, with many years of trial and error in chiropractic new patient marketing, we have found this approach to be the absolute most effective new patient solution you have been searching for!

Regardless of your chiropractic philosophy or the type of chiropractic practice that you currently have, this program will boost your chiropractic new patient volume and build your Totally Booked Practice to your delight…we guarantee it! Soon after signing up and becoming a published chiropractic author of your own book, you will be strategically positioned as the most credible chiropractic authority attracting new chiropractic patients to your specific “brand” of chiropractic that you uniquely offer. Our friendly and dedicated staff will guide you step by step from completing your book in a timely manner through developing “bridges” of new referral relationships with local professionals, businesses, and organizations that will literally flood your chiropractic practice with new patients.

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