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Personalized Chiropractic Publications


An ad says, “I need business.” But a published book says, “I’m an authority!” Which way is more effective to attract new patients to your practice? That’s easy. Let us show you!

Ready to Become an Author?

We work with chiropractors throughout the United States and Canada to help them become nationally published authors. Working with Totally Booked Practice is the smart choice for Doctors of Chiropractic who are looking for a complete, high quality, personalized program that leverages the expertise of publishing professionals.

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We offer:

  • The publication of a book unique to your practice
  • A personal liaison who will guide you throughout the process
  • Writing, editing, cover design and book production
  • Shipping to your office or desired destination
  • Additional marketing and public relations support to maximize becoming a nationally published author


Why would a chiropractor want to become a published author?

Imagine being the published author of your very own book! You will instantly increase your credibility and visibility by working with Totally Booked Practice. Join the hundreds of chiropractors around the country and Canada who have used these books as marketing tools to continuously attract new patients.

I’ve never written a book before. What do I do first?

Writing a book about you and your services is easy with Totally Booked Practice. Utilize our comprehensive services from start to finish to get your book published. We have dozens of chapters already written, but you will personalize yours by writing a chapter or two, the entire book or something in between.

Regardless of which option you select, you will work with an editor to customize your first chapter detailing your life and a final chapter called Success Stories, which is a collection of your best patient testimonials.The title and sub-title of the book are of your choosing. The cover features your photo, your biography and office contact information. One of our award-winning graphic artists will work with you on any special requests you may have to bring your cover to life.

Do you offer a book on Laser Therapy?

Totally Booked Practice now offers a specialized book on Class IV Laser, a highly innovative and effective therapy. If you want to customize a book focused on your success with this treatment, let’s write about it. Just ask how!

Do you offer additional Marketing/Public Relations services?

Would you like to generate local publicity for your book and your practice? We also offer Public Relations support. When you speak to a team member, we will be happy to discuss how using this service after your book has been published is a great add-on to help market yourself and bring in even more new patients. We will help establish you as THE “go-to” chiropractor in your area.


I’ve written two books now with Totally Booked Practice. The process was smooth and almost effortless. They are great to work with. I did an original Chiropractic book and then a book on Class 4 Laser Therapy. Being an author of two books gives instant credibility with established and new patients alike. We give the book out at promotional events and around the office, and I personally hand sign them for patients. When patients are unsure which office to choose, being a published author with two books definitely helps convert them. I highly recommend working with Totally Booked Practice. You’ll wind up with a professional book, credibility and so much more.
Dr. Jeffrey Shebovsky

Totally Booked Practice makes it possible for anyone to produce a high-quality book. They are friendly, helpful and incredibly easy to work with. The finished product is spectacular, as I’ve published two books with them. The biggest benefit is that you get to say, “Hey, I wrote the book.” It’s powerful.
Dr. Tim Maggs

It was so nice working with Melissa and the team at Totally Booked Practice. This was my first experience in publishing. She made it easy and had plenty of patience, which was much needed in working with me. The book looks great and has brought a whole new tone to the office. Becoming a nationally published author has excited old patients and helped new patients to understand the caliber of our office. I highly recommend working with them for your publishing needs.


Dr. J Coleman Pannell

Our Process

We keep it simple.  Authoring your own book is no longer a painful and laborious process.  Our time-tested and proven methods make your practice stand out amongst the competition.

Your book will include a dedication page and/or acknowledgment page where you may express gratitude to the influential and important people in your life.

You will be guided to write content from which we will create an introductory chapter to your book. This will pertain to your decision to become a doctor, your passion in your chosen field and include a brief overview of your personal life (spouse/partner, children and hobbies).

For our standard book on Chiropractic, you will select up to 7 chapter categories from over 50 topics on Chiropractic, Technique & Procedures, Conditions and Natural Health Care topics.

It is very effective to conclude books with a chapter of patient testimonials. These “Success Stories” showcase your practice in the best possible light as an authority in your field.


We will work with you to design a personalized cover for your book.

The front cover includes your book title and a subtitle, along with a professionally submitted photo of you and your name as the author.

The back cover includes an additional photo of your choosing, a brief biography and a list of your credentials or a star testimonial as room permits. It will also include your practice name, location, website and phone number.  We can also add your practice logo/awards and recognitions to the cover.

About the Books


Most books run between 120 and 160 pages and measure 5 ½ x 8 ½ (standard paperback style). Books are printed in gray scale and the cover is printed in color.


For a standard chiropractic book, you will select 7 chapters from a list of topics on chiropractic, technique & procedures (including laser), conditions and natural health care. There are over 50 different chapter ideas.  Or you can sign up to use our book that solely focuses on laser use and the different body parts that it treats.

In either case, you’ll work with our editor to write content about yourself, from which we will create an introductory chapter to your book. It will pertain to your decision to become a doctor, your passion in your chosen field and include a brief overview of your personal life (spouse/partner, children and hobbies as applicable).

We recommend including testimonials from a dozen or so top patients to end the book, which becomes the Success Stories chapter.

Your book will include a dedication page and/or acknowledgement page where you may express gratitude to the influential and important people in your life.

Additionally, you are able to revise or delete any content in the chapters you select that are not applicable to your practice.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us directly or fill out the form below for more information.



Our award-winning graphic artists will create a personalized front and back cover for your book that include:

  • Your unique book title and subtitle, along with two professionally submitted photos of you and your name as the author, your biography and practice information
  • We procure your ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and barcode with price ($19.95)


Contact us when you get low on books and need to reorder. We are happy to make any changes at this time to update your book as desired.


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